Mental Health Tips to Improve your Psychological Well being

What is mental health?
Mental health refers to the condition of a person with respect to their emotional and
psychological well-being, which can be furthered narrowed down to:
● Evaluative wellbeing (how satisfied you are with life)
● Hedonic well being (having pleasant or unpleasant feelings)
● Eudemonic wellbeing (knowing what your purpose in life is)

What is the importance of mental well-being?
As time goes by, more and more people have started self-reporting their state of
mental health. This increased social interest in improving psychological well-being
has caught the interest of everyone from celebrities to bank managers, from
teachers to students. Now, it has become a major societal aspiration.

Good mental health reflects on all aspects of life. Patients with good mental health
were studied and found that they have a higher quality of life (QoL) as compared to
those with poor mental health. A feeling of psychological well-being improves not
only mental but also physical health. A person who feels good mentally is able to
focus on his tasks better and thus, perform them with a higher quality. Their overall
exhaustion time is also reduced.

How to improve mental health?
It is said that the human body is a temple. Every part of it must be free of filth and
negativity in order for it to thrive. Following are some tips for improving mental health:

1. Good diet:
You are what you eat, and if you eat unhealthy the whole day, you are bound to feel like
it. A balanced diet is the best option for your body – this provides it with everything
it needs. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, sufficient proteins (like eggs and meat) are
what will keep your body fueled so it does not get tired easily.

2. Exercise:
The body works on a “use it or lose it” policy. In order for every nut and bolt to work right
inside you, you have to get up or get down. There can be so many different ways
you can get your dose of exercise. Power-walking, jogging, dancing, hiking, cycling,

hitting the gym or sports may be for you if you like rigorous activities. If you,
however, do not like getting sweaty and breathless, then try pilates or yoga. It will
keep your body as good as a well-oiled machine. Regular exercise will release
endorphins (happiness hormones) and leave you feeling positively fresh.

3. Meditation:
Working 24/7 in this humdrum life can exhaust you. You might need a day off or two. But if
your need of off-days keeps piling up without you actually getting them, consider
having resting moments instead. Meditation lets you dissociate yourself
completely from the world into your own bubble where nothing worries you This
act of letting go lets you brush off all the tiredness and you can start afresh.
Meditation does wonders for improving mental health.

4. Stop over thinking:
This may sound cliché but what’s done, has been done. There is no point in moping
about the past or replaying old conversations. Mind scenarios never benefitted
anyone and drains us of the energy needed for important things in life.

Similarly, overanalyzing present conversations and situations is unhealthy. If you want to
make a move, then do it. If you are hesitant, then do not do it. It is that simple. Do
not use up all your batteries postponing things.

5. Ditch the drugs:
As the cop dad said to his daughter Melanie in College Road Trip, “Coffee is a drug!” It
seemed absurd then but it is true. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural
stimulant drug which makes you active for a little while but the catch is you need
to keep drinking more and more to get the same boost every time.

6. Stay hydrated:
Why damage your body with caffeine when you can have the most natural liquid known
to man, water. The human body is made up of about 70 percent water. Sweating,
urinating, crying, et cetera disrupts that 70 per cent level so we have to keep
drinking to keep our levels steady.

7. Keep your phone charged:
No, I do not mean keep charging it every 5 minutes. When you use it less, it will stay
charged for longer. According to research, most individuals use their phones for
social media. About 4.2 billion social media users have been estimated up till 2019.
Social media has been known to cause anxiety, depression, and other mental
disorders in the masses. Limiting social media use can promote a better mental

8. Get an 8-hrs sleep:
Remember that nursery rhyme, “early to bed, early to rise”? If you want to stay healthy,
wealthy and wise, then you must sleep and wake up at the right time. Both
undersleeping and oversleeping can be harmful for the body. Getting an
adequate amount of sleep is important to that the body can rejuvenate and

9. Adopt a constructive hobby:
An empty mind can often offer refuge to negative thoughts and depression. To keep it
churning positivity and good thoughts, fill it with something wholesome and
constructive. Read a good book, knit a sweater, plant some flowers or play jenga –
do anything that makes you happy.

10. Adopt a pet:
Getting a furry – or not furry – friend can be like chicken soup for the mind. You will be
consumed with taking care of your pet and in turn, you will get the therapy you
require. According to science, this is known as a symbiotic relationship.

11. Seek help:
If changing your diet and routine is not working for you and you keep getting
progressively worse, then the best option is to seek help from a professional. A
professional psychiatrist will diagnose you and map out the best possible therapy
option for you. You might be given medication or be referred to a psychologist
who you would have sessions with as per requirement.

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