10 Tips For A Healthy Relationship Despite The Ups and Downs

Especially in today’s world, one of the greatest qualities to have in your relationship is resiliency and foundational strength. The truth is, every couple to ever exist has its fair share of ups and downs, considering that all people are different and have varying wants, needs, and likes. However, the couples who can persist through the downs and work through problems together are the strongest of all.

Relationships are complex and consist of many moving pieces. While we may all wish relationships are simple, the truth is they are not. Relationships take a lot of effort, commitment, consideration, trust, resiliency, and more. However, regardless of whether you’re in a new budding relationship or have been together for many years, there are some things you can do to further improve and build a healthier relationship. To help you as you look to make improvements in your love life, here are ten helpful tips for a healthy relationship, despite the ups and downs. In time, you’ll find that your relationship is healthier and more vibrant than ever before.

1: Build a stronger friendship.

More often than not, people enter into a relationship solely based on physical attraction and forget the most important step – friendship. The relationships that last the longest tend to be built on a strong foundational friendship. If you haven’t reached the level of complete comfort and vulnerability with your “sig fig”, perhaps now is the time to focus on your friendship. You don’t have to break up with him/her and start over. Instead, spending time with each other in new scenarios and focus on truly getting to know one another. Fun dates like bowling, fishing, skating, or any other active activity will help you both work together and have more laughs in the process.

2: Establish an open line of communication.

When something is broken in a relationship, a lack of communication ensures that it remains broken. Having an open line of communication where you can both come to one another about anything is absolutely paramount in order to have a healthy relationship. You need to know what the other thinks, feels, wants, needs, etc. Vice versa as well, of course.

3: Always take care of yourself as well.

Sometimes in relationships, we want to please our significant other so much that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is very important. When you take good care of yourself and feel great, you’ll, in turn, want to make others (such as your lover) feel equally as great as well.

4: Compliment one another.

Several studies have shown that the healthiest of couples shower one another compliments, and lots of them. For every 1 negative remark made, an average of 5 positive compliments were made as well. See if you can beat the statistic by telling your loved one even more things you love about them.

5: Have your own individual friends and activities.

While being distanced from one another is definitely an issue, spending too much time with one another can potentially be harmful as well. Think about it – if you live together, sleep together, shower together, eat together, drive together, or even work together, you have little time and space for yourself. Talk with your loved one and establish an understanding that you both need time on your own or with your individual friends.

6: Be authentically you.

People often want to please someone so much that they end up losing grasp of themselves in the process. By the time they’re done, they’re a completely different person, which leads to confusion, low self-esteem, and arguments. Rather than changing yourself to please your significant other, simply be yourself every step of the way (if something about you is unhealthy you should change it of course).

7: Understand that you are both imperfect.

A relationship is a union of two perfectly imperfect individuals who believe they’d do better together. Keep in mind that you neither you or your loved one are perfect. This will help you to be more understanding when they have shortcomings.

8: Don’t try to fix your partner.

Never, ever try to fix your partner. They are not a broken toy or a DIY project. Support them instead and you’ll be surprised how much they grow.

9: Establish ground rules and agreements.

Every person has their premeditated list of “do’s and don’ts”. To help you and your partner have a better understanding of each other, be sure to share these things with them. Establishing ground rules and agreements works wonders.

10: Laugh, play, and dream together.

Always remember that relationships, while requiring time and effort, are not meant to be work. They are fun, lively, loving, and joyous unions of two amazing people. So go back to your childhood ways and remember to laugh, play, and dream together. 

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