Sugar Linked To An Acceleration Of Tumor Growth

Cancer is considered to be one of the biggest killers throughout the entire world. The disease claimed about 9.6 million lives in 2018 alone. The World Health Organization found that more than 15% of deaths are caused by cancer in the modern day. Many risk factors have been identified that increases the risk of cancer, as well as accelerate the growth of existing tumor cells.

In a recent study, scientists have made a new discovery – linking sugar to accelerated growth of tumor cells. The study was conducted among a group of laboratory mice, but the study researchers suggest that similar results would be observed in the human body.

Sugar And Tumor Growth

Sugar has previously been linked to many adverse effects on the overall well-being of the human body, with the most common associated being between high sugar consumption and type 2 diabetes. A new study, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, found that sugar may also have a role to play in the advancement of existing cancerous tumors. 

The study was done among a group of laboratory mice. Scientists involved in the study explained that it has already been established that an increased risk of both obesity and colorectal cancer have been observed among individuals who consume too many foods and drinks that contain high levels of fructose corn syrup. The goal of the study was to observe how a diet that is high in sugar, specifically from fructose corn syrup, would affect an existing tumor that has already developed. 

Mice that had an existing cancerous tumor in their gastrointestinal tract experienced a significant acceleration in the growth of their tumor when they were fed drinks that were loaded with high-fructose corn syrup.

Scientists explain that the fructose is converted into another substance, known as fructose-1-phosphate, once they entered the tumor. This, in turn, causes fatty acid synthesis to increase and also led to the glycolysis activation. The two actions that were observed, following the conversion of fructose to fructose-1-phosphate, are to blame for the accelerate growth rate observed in existing tumors.

The study made the conclusion that both fructose and glucose seem to have an impact on tumor growth. One surprising fact that was mentioned is that even moderate doses of these foods and drinks may cause tumor growth to become accelerated.


While many studies focus on toxins like those that the body is exposed to from smoking when looking at the acceleration of tumor growth, a new study has found that the consumption of high sugar foods may also have a role to play. The study confirmed that sugar seems to speed up tumor growth in the gut, and may also have an impact on cancerous cells located in other regions of the body.


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