Drones Delivering Medical Supplies To Hard-To-Reach Locations

Technology is advancing quickly today, and we have seen a couple of impressive innovations being launched into the market in the last couple of years. Drones would certainly be one of the more interesting developments, allowing people to gain a sky view on any type of scenario. Following the success of drones, we saw artificial intelligence being implemented into these devices. While it was quite exciting to see a drone automatically deliver a Burrito at a College, one company has now taken things a step further and decided to take advantage of this technology to help the medical industry.

Meet Zipline – A Health Care Company That Is Now Worth More Than $1 Billion

Zipline is still a relatively new invention, but the people behind this innovation have an important goal in mind – one that could save the lives of thousands. The project quickly took off after the developers of the Zipline Drone company brought forth the idea of a drone that is able to deliver life-saving supplies to assist in treating diseases and ailments in locations that are considered underprivileged, especially when it comes to health care systems.

The company was initially founded in 2011 by co-founders Keenan Wyrobek, William Hetzler, and the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo. Following the launch, several investors have decided to help the project become a reality. Current backers of the Zipline project include The Rise Fund, Baillie Gifford, and more. The developers of the project have already been able to raise around $190 million to assist in funding the project.

With the funding in place, the co-founders have revealed that they will soon be putting their project into action. At the moment, Zipline is planning to deliver crucial medical supplies to 2,600 different medical and health care facilities that are located in Ghana and Rwanda. The company is planning to get its first drones in the air before the end of 2019. They are also planning to start delivering medical supplies in other regions of the world, including the United States, following their initial launch.

While the company has not yet started to fly out medical supplies to these regions, Zipline was recently valued to be worth an estimated $1.2 billion.

While drones are often thought of as toys among the general population, one company decided to utilize drones to assist in the delivery of essential medical supplies. Zipline launched a range of drones that are able to drop medical supplies off in areas where such supplies are hard to come by, yet can provide many people the opportunity to save lives. The company has been so successful that it has recently gained awards and is now worth an estimated $1.2 billion.

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