Going the Vegan Way: 3 Tips For Making The Switch

Let’s face it – deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle can be quite intimidating, to say the least. Depending on your current diet, becoming a vegan means that you’ll need to eliminate all traces of animal foods and products from your diet, wardrobe, and overall way of living. This includes the foods and drinks you consume, the clothing you wear, and even the lotions and skin care products you use. Indeed, if you are deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle, you must know that you are making a decision that means you’ll have to perform a complete makeover of your current ways of life.

This means that cheese, meat, leather, and all other animal-derived products are now on the list of things to get rid of. However, don’t let all of this scare you away from veganism. While the transition does take some effort, deciding to become a vegan is easily one of the best things you can do for yourself, the animals, the environment, and others around you. Although making the switch can be a bit intimidating, it doesn’t have to be hard. If you prepare yourself and plan properly, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a vegan diet and overall lifestyle. Let’s take a look at three tips for making the switch to veganism.

1. Always Begin With “Why”.
Before you begin a new lifestyle or anything for that matter, it is vital for you to understand exactly why you’re wanting to make the change in the first place. When you develop a firm understanding of why you’re looking to become a vegan, you will always have a source of inspiration to draw from when your willpower runs low. For example, your “why” for wanting to become a vegan may be to improve your health, better the environment, save the animals, or even to simply shed a few pounds. Always start with understanding your why, and you’ll have won half the battle.

2. Learn the Fundamentals.
Yes, you probably understand that being vegan means abstaining from any and all animal products, but there’s more to the diet and lifestyle that you need to understand, especially if you want to enjoy a sustainable vegan diet in the long run. To ensure that you have a great experience from day one, it is important for you to educate yourself on the core fundamentals of veganism, such as foods to eat, proper nutrition, and foods to avoid.

For example, did you know that a vegan diet historically tends to be slightly deficient in vitamin B12, iron, zinc, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids? Or that many vegan foods can be very unhealthy, such as fake processed meat alternatives, protein bars, and snacks (such as Lenny & Larry cookies and Swedish Fish)? Indeed, not all nutrition is nutritious. As you can see, there are several facts about veganism you should learn and understand. When you learn the fundamentals, you’ll have a much, much easier time making the switch to veganism.

3. Find Your Tribe of Vegans.
Another great piece of advice for anyone looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle is to find a community of likeminded people. Meaning, you should look locally and online to find a group of vegans that you can resonate with and have for support. Having an amazing support system in place is an often overlooked yet vital step for people wanting to adopt a vegan lifestyle. If you’re starting a vegan lifestyle on your own, you might find that eventually, you feel bored or lonely in it, since no one is embarking on the journey with you.

However, having a community to talk to and support you will work wonders. The great thing about finding your “tribe” of vegans is that they don’t even have to live near you. Some great options for finding vegan fellowship are online forums, Instagram vegan pages, Meetups, and Facebook groups. You’ll find that there are literally millions of other new vegans around the world who are embarking on this journey, just like you.

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